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Biography PhotoWilliam K. Sales, Jr.
Executive Vice President, Operations

Reliance History
2015-Present: Executive Senior Vice President, Operations
2002-2015: Senior Vice President, Operations
2001-2002: Senior Vice President, Non-Ferrous Operations
1997-2001: Vice President, Non-Ferrous Operations

Prior Experience
1981-1997: Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp.

Industry Affiliations
Director at Large, Metals Service Center Institute
Chair, Aluminum Products Council

BS, Industrial Engineering, Louisiana Tech
MS, Industrial Engineering, Louisiana State University

A degree in Engineering helped Bill Sales land his first job out of college with Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation. Beginning with engineering individual pieces for specific projects, Bill then gained valuable exposure to and experience in the production and sales departments. Over a 16-year tenure, he gained increasingly broader bases of knowledge and responsibility from which to make strategic decisions that affected the company. His knowledge of the supply side of the metals industry made Bill a great fit to head up Reliance’s non-ferrous operations, of which he took the helm in 1997. As Reliance increased its portfolio of specialty metals service centers, Bill’s experience has been instrumental, from both strategic acquisition and operational standpoints. Having been with Reliance for over 15 years, Bill now maintains operations oversight of numerous Reliance’s subsidiaries and divisions. In May 2015, he was promoted to the position of Executive Senior Vice President of Operations. Additionally, he has been a director at the Metals Service Center Institute since 2011, and is the Chair of its Aluminum Products Division Council.