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Biography PhotoGregg J. Mollins

Gregg Mollins calls himself a “field man”: he relishes meeting, interacting with, and – now, with 39 years’ experience – mentoring the people whose hard work and dedication make Reliance what it is. Admittedly “not one for the books,” Gregg directed his problem-solving instincts towards the metals business at a very young age. Starting off as a warehouseman, he worked his way up, not shying away from new opportunities or challenges, and thus gaining experience in all aspects of the business. After a decade of working for the company’s competitors, Gregg joined the Reliance team as a Division Manager in Santa Clara. In five years he was able to turn the faltering division into a profitable operation, after which he was promoted to Reliance corporate headquarters as Vice President and understudy of longtime President Joe Crider. As leadership shifted following Reliance’s IPO, Gregg became Chief Operating Officer in 1995. He joined the Board of Directors in 1997, and since 2002 he has served as the company’s President, to whom all Senior Vice Presidents report. Gregg‘s hands-on approach keeps his travel schedule busy, and, especially as Reliance continues to grow, he continues to enjoy engaging with Reliance family members in person and Reliance operations on the ground. In May 2015, he succeeded David Hannah as Reliance’s Chief Executive Officer. He stepped down as Reliance’s President & Chief Executive Officer in December 2018 but continues to serve as a Reliance Board Member.