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Biography PhotoMichael P. Shanley
Senior Vice President, Operations

Reliance History
2009-Present: Senior Vice President, Operations
1999-2015: President, Liebovich Bros, Inc.
2005-2009: Vice President & General Manager, Hagerty Steel and Aluminum

Prior Experience
1978-2005: Various positions at Liebovich Bros.

It’s not certain whether his father’s career in the foundry business influenced Mike Shanley’s start in the metals industry, or whether it was just a matter of chance and timing. After landing a temporary plant position at Liebovich Bros., Inc. in Rockford, Illinois, though, he didn’t look back and he didn’t leave. A rarity even in an industry of many “old timers,” Mike Shanley has spent his entire career at Liebovich – actively participating in and even shepherding the company’s growth; in many ways, he himself grew up with the company. After working his way up the company ranks and gaining invaluable experience along the way, Mike became Vice President and General Manager of one of Liebovich Bros.’ divisions, Hagerty Steel & Aluminum. Having served four years in that position, he was then elevated to the presidency of Liebovich in 2009. Beginning in April 2015, Mike took on the role of one of Reliance’s Senior Vice President of Operations. He is responsible for overseeing the operations of a number of Reliance subsidiaries and divisions. As Mike continues his career in metals, his experience of having worked for and with some of the best people in the industry will be one of his most valuable resources, one he seeks to constantly renew and also draw from to share with others.